Security Services

Data protection and security have taken on a completely new and more important role with the emergence of the internet and on-line business. Most businesses depend in some form or another on the internet for on-line dealings, financial transactions or routine communication. This electronic exposure leaves businesses, organization and healthcare practices vulnerable to human and natural threats that can cripple a business in significant ways.

IT Source can protect you and your business. As a long-established Managed Service Provider, IT Source has the experience, the training, the tools and the vendor partnerships to ensure that you have the best and most appropriate level of protection for your organization:

Data Backup

Reliable Data Backup can save almost any business from a Ransomware attack, server failure or natural disaster. It’s difficult to protect a company from all threats or accidents, but Data Backup will allow you to recover. Data Backup provides the necessary safety net.

Multi-layer Security

Information flows quickly so it’s important to protect your devices and information at multiple points. Firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spam protection, and encryption are all ways to secure your environment.

Network Design & Segmentation

Proper network design and data architecture goes a long to protect an organization’s data. Even if a network is breached, compartmentalized networks are more immune to wholesale data theft because the entire information set is divided, keeping the whole data set protected even if a small portion is breached.

Educate & Train Employees

The single greatest threat to information security are employees. Accidents often happen, good employees can make honest mistakes, and bad employees can deliberately leak or delete valuable information. A key factor in protecting company information is train employees on the importance and process of information security

Conduct Regular Audits

The best way to build awareness and culture of security is to check regularly on the status of your security procedures and processes. Only through regular check-ups will the security message be properly delivered and your guidelines followed.

IT Source has a deep understanding of information technology infrastructure, security and integration.

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