Managed Services

Managed services is the practice of outsourcing management of business responsibilities and functions. It is also a method for improving operations and cutting expenses.

ITsource is here to inprove your operations and cut your expenses.

Even as many technologies have become easier to use, the overall management of business technology systems has become more complex and more important to the success of businesses today.

The good news is that technology can be a competitive edge. If managed correctly, technology systems can cost your company less while providing more profit to your bottom line and giving you an advantage over your competition. As the definition above states, ITsource is here to improve your operations while helping you to reduce your expenses.

Helpdesk & Network Administration

ITsource will handle the day-to-day responsibilities of managing your network and your technology assets. This includes password changes, adding and removing users, patching and other software updates, and fielding and resolution of user problems and questions.

Preventive Maintenance

ITsource will monitor and manage all your devices and infrastructure. Our tools allow us to detect problems before they cause operational interruption. IT infrastructure, like any tool, needs to be watched and maintained. ITsource monitors your environment at all times and performs all preventive maintenance necessary to keep your network running smoothly and your workers working.

Data Management & Backup

Next to people and money, your company data is probably your most important asset. ITsource has the expertise to ensure that your data is secured, protected and that it is always properly backed up in case something happens.

Vendor Coordination & Contract Management

Make a single phone call to get all your tech questions answered and resolved. Information technology is set of systems – hardware, software and communication – that need to work together seamlessly. This requires that a single knowledgeable person or group be able to coordinate the vendors and server as a central repository for your company’s pool of vendors. ITsource is your one call.

VirtualCIO and Consulting

Day-to-day maintenance is important but it’s vital that company managers keep long-term goals and plans in mind. ITsource will keep you appraised of the latest developments in technology and how to keep your firm current and getting the best return on your technology investment.

IT Source has a deep understanding of information technology infrastructure, security and integration.

If you have questions or concerns about the state of your technology integration,
please call Steve Rogel at ITsource, 253.835.1211 or e-mail Steve at